„Sunsets are so beautiful, they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven”

With this slogan we would like to welcome you to our new styled shoot, which was organized on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Crete.

Have you imagined your own heaven? We addressed this issue in our last styled shoot. Our heaven took place on a beautiful sandy beach in Crete. We chose this location for our shoot because we knew we didn’t need to add much, just something simple and elegant.

Inspired by both the organic beauty of the earth and the heavens, we wanted to combine the celestial with the natural for this. The shoot combines a delicate palette of pretty pastels and in-vogue coppers with classic styling. The creation of a beautiful silver gate as an entrance to heaven was only a small example of how we imagine our own heaven. It is up to you who will give you the miraculous key to your own heaven.

Several professional photographers were invited. When the galleries start rolling in afterwards, I get to see through the eyes of so many different photographers. Each of us have our own perspective and style which was amazing for our vendors because they receive a wide variety of images!


“If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God…”

Photos by the amazing:





























A key to making your wedding in Crete or wedding in Santorini seem special, luxury is to make it feel custom. Different couples have different dreams, hobbies, and interests, and no two marriages are alike. Everyone sees us and feels the beauty completely differently.  The beautiful is not the trend but something that even after many years when you are transferred again with her photos or the video back you must like it again. So why shouldn’t weddings be as unique as the couples they celebrate? Together with you, we will find the style of wedding that represents you.

 Here are some of our tips to costumize your signature, beautiful wedding


Use your dreams, hobbies and interests for your themed wedding

For a themed wedding, you can be inspired by the place where you met, the film you love, the country where you would like to live together





Design A Wedding Logo

A wedding logo that you can use anywhere. It will add elegance and personality to your wedding




Customized menu cards and place cards

Make it easier for your guests to find a table or create a menu with a creative idea




Signature drinks by your tailored

At the entrance and welcome drink, your guests can see the style of your wedding






Dare to be a different and let’s make together your wedding like no other.

How to properly invest money from a wedding package and what does a planner do?
Cora Wedding`s mission is to always meet your needs, meet your dreams and help you with organize your wedding.

Organizing beautiful destination weddings for couples from all around the world has been our passion

Our approach to every event is personalized and tailor made; only after listening to your vision will we guide and transform your wedding into an intense and emotional experience.
We will spend our time understanding your vision in your consultation and start with creating a mood board as the basis of your design and styling. We will work on all aspects of your wedding design including bringing all of the elements to life.
Our objective is the realization of exceptional events with elegance, professionalism, disrection and top class service. We are privileged to work hand in hand with the top professionals in the wedding sector who share our passion, commitment and high standard of service.
Our desire is to make you fall madly in love with islands Santorini, Crete or Naxos creating a wedding which will leave you and your guests with a unique and indelible memory which goes well beyond the last song or the last toast?

Your wedding planner will help you save money and will give you advice about where you need to invest more/less.

The first criterion is to choose the most beautiful place for your wedding to be held. We know and work with the most beautiful places of Crete and Santorini. We will advise you which location is the most suitable for your requests.

The second very important investment should be for entertainment (entertainment artist, DJ, live music, lighting, pyrotechnics). You and your guests will always remember your wedding. We are the only wedding planner to provide the best and professional entertainers here in Crete and Santorini.
The third investment should be catering. Many people will not be satisfied with the beautiful view or songs of their younger days, but I believe they will not resist the quality of Greek cuisine. Another important thing is to save your wedding as a memory you would always want to go back to. A professional photographer and videographer can help with this. They’ll capture shots that you without you even noticing, they’ll take you back in time whenever you want.



Today’s styled shoot with the name ” I will love you to the moon and back” tells a story through photography. We would like to move you through time and place to a place full of stars and a shining moon. Where dreams come true and love is endless

The natural beauty of the Cretan landscape was the idyllic backdrop for this shoot with beautiful decor. We would like to share with you beauty of Crete in the winter time. If you are a bride – to – be planning a winter wedding in Crete take a look at this gorgeous white and blue winter wedding theme. Lovely pampas grass decorates our Moon and the sky is full of fairy lights reminiscent of the little stars present. The whole decor was a combination of colors that you can see in the evening sky such as dark blue, gold and pink. Winter weddings in Crete are be glamorous and magical. If you agree, it may be the wedding season for you.

The point of these shoots is to tell a story, but also showcase the skills and services of wedding businesses. Due to the large amount of products involved, they are actually quite a lot more complex to put together than people might think.



Do you imagine sunset on your own private villa, a lush garden with sea views, a private terrace with incredible views and ambient candle light? Do you imagine excelent sunset as a background for your wedding. Our private villa in Santorini is ideal for your private wedding ceremony

The Villas is situated at the highest and narrowest part of Santorini, right on the edge of the island’s world-famous caldera, and offers views of all points on the horizon.

This truly idyllic and unique retreat consists of seven luxurious villas built with the utmost respect for the traditional Cycladic architecture, in perfect harmony with the natural setting. The villa interiors are wonderfully spacious, tastefully decorated yet simple and elegant, equipped with all modern amenities that offer a genuine sense of autonomy, comfort and luxury. Private verandas provide access to an infinity pool built on the caldera’s edge, featuring unobstructed views of the Aegean Sea, the volcano with its magnificent caldera and the spectacular sunset. The Villas is a truly authentic place that offers tranquil privacy and guarantees a relaxing and rejuvenating stay.

Our professional team of Cora weddings , decorators and consultants will help you create the atmosphere you want with the right decor, wedding cake, flowers, wedding favors and other personal touches, while we’ll help arrange makeup, hairstyling and photography to capture those precious moments. Tailor- made planning is our second name!



Set on its own private peninsula and affording spectacular Aegean Sea views, the Luxury Hotel is a luxury beach resort offering medical wellness, all-suite hotels, bungalows, private-pool villas and extensive leisure facilities in Crete. Nestled amidst a lush and extensive botanical garden, the environmentally-friendly  resort grows its own organic fruits, herbs, vegetables and flowers that cover a large part of the resort’s needs. It offers a total of 465 bungalows, suites, maisonettes and villas.

Surrounded by the Aegean Sea and a splendid botanical garden, all on a private peninsula an the romantic  island of Crete, your wedding will be a luxurius experience you wont forget!  In this  luxury hotel we organize a luxury wedding   that will exceed all your expectations.

The Resort can host the ceremony at our onsite chapel, on  a private beach or on the lawn in superb surroundings, tailor a glorious reception, accommodate all your guests and, for afters, organize your perfect honeymoon. Our expert wedding team commit to making each moment a precious and unforgettable one. The Resort is a unique beach wedding destination in Crete.



You will always remain my queen


Wedding planners know a lot about weddings in Crete or about weddings in Santorini because, besides coordinating them, they attend more weddings in a year than most would in a lifetime. Moreover, they know of every single thing that happens at a wedding. Whether big or small, backstage or in front of everyone, they know.
And yet, every wedding in Crete is unique, every project is unique and everytime Cora Weddings embark on something new, we are excited as we were when we set out planning for the very first time!This was the case this time yet again. Looking back on the day, there were so many feelings to put into words.
Imagine yourself standing on a hill amid the monastery ruins, with a soft breeze blowing through your hair. The grass ripples within the grounds of the aged stone built Church and the mountains roll across the background. The rest of the world seems to melt away. This rustic setting is where we chose to feature our vintage baroque styled photoshoot. Inspired by this era, dark shades and rich colours like a royal blue color were added to create a romantic autumn mood. Inspiration was also taken from the majestic peacock and touches were added throughout, fitting perfectly with the grandiose façade and imposing flower arrangements. It was a glorious inspiration shoot, perfect for anyone with a love of vintage elegance, style, ornate accessories and voluptuous cascading blooms.

Don’t forget Your dreams can be fulfilled and your wedding on Crete can be just like our fairy tale wedding on styled shoot




Wedding denstination Naxos is an island of beautiful old churches, monasteries and Venetian castles. Naxo island is a beautiful island, which keeps the traditional way of living of the good old times.

The island keeps its traditional Cycladic architecture and it is famous for the local Naxian cuisine.

What to expect is small sandy beaches, crystal waters, and excellent food. The Portara remains at the entrance of the port declare the island’s ancient Greek past

A Naxos wedding is ideal for couples, who are seeking less touristic places and real Greek island weddings. The island of  Naxos is may be the best destination for a beach wedding or a villa wedding.

We, as your wedding planner in Naxos island, can organize your wedding,  in various wedding ceremony and reception locations such as a villas, hotels or beach bars.

We are  expert wedding planners in Greece, as we organize wedding in various Greek islands, therefore we can plan and design your wedding at the island of Naxos

Civil ceremonies in Naxos can be held in various locations after we make an arrangement with the local celebrant.

Greek Orthodox weddings in Naxos can be arranged in  the traditional Greek  chapels that the island can offer .

Jewish and Hindu weddings in Naxos can be held in a first class hotel grounds or in a beach bar

Symbolic weddings can be held everywhere in Naxos




Cora weddings will organise luxury wedding in Crete in a luxury hotel under the Stars

The island of Crete is a simply stunning location for your destination wedding; with dramatic sunsets, mountain vistas, endless turquoise waters and ancient architecture. Our professional team work diligently on making wedding dreams become a reality. With a detail-orientated and proactive approach, we listen careful to your plans and concepts for the Big Day, then prepare everything for you.

Island life in the Greek islands and chic Mediterranean hideaways are the inspiration for this unique resort perched on the Cretan Riviera near Rethymno. Island Life: authentic, irreverent, easy going. The lifestyle of a traveler. Hotel’s landscaped exteriors, impressive entrance gallery and open air interiors have been lifted to fresh heights. Fantastic new restaurants, bars and stunning new sea view accommodation are the hallmarks of this unique resort.

The hotel lies on a 1.000m long sand and pebble coastline with changing cabins, showers, sun beds, beach towels and umbrellas free of charge. Blue Flag awarded beach. The Resort boasts 17 pools

Romance on the seafront and Under the Stars… Cora weddings will organise in hotel a special ceremony for you to exchange vows of eternal love or renew your promises as a couple and a legal weddings. It is so simple to organize an wedding, choose the date, the venue and the details

Amazing seaside weddings with views on the best sunsets on Crete

New concept of luxury living: waterfront “Yali” suites and ultimate villas

Exclusive weddings & honeymoon packages



Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic till I’m gathered safely in
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love
Oh, let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone
Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon
Show me slowly what I only know the limits of
Dance me to the end of love

Leonard Cohen


We are sharing today a gorgeous wedding in Crete on the beach that will mesmerize you! The lovely couple loves Crete and Greece in general, so it was the perfect destination for them to exchange their vows in Crete! The ceremony took place under a beautiful arch decored with pink bougainvillea, right on the beach that combines the natural beauty with the deep blue waters of the sea. It was a magical moment as you will see! Have a look at the beautiful images of their elopement ….

The sweet bride looked like a fairytale fairy in her unique wedding dress. A stylish wedding dinner table was set with the view of deep blue neverending sea and was decorated with gold vintage cutlery, crystal stemmed glasses and romantic gold candle holders. After the ceremony, the couple celebrated their love                      with vintage VW mobile bar.