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Weddings in Crete
and in Santorini

CORA WEDDINGS is an agency that organizes weddings in Crete and in Santorini as well as other beautiful areas and islands in Greece. We also handle engagements and ceremonies of marriage vows renewal.

We are a team of people living on the island of Crete who know the perfect places, beaches, and most suitable decorations, unique to the Greek islands of Crete and Santorini.

Together we visited the most beautiful coasts and sights, and select the most dreamy locations that are ideal for your wedding ceremonies. Our team of professionals will be entirely at your service to ensure that all your wishes are taken into consideration and that the most important day of your life will stay in your dreams as pure magic.

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A beach wedding in Crete

An island wedding in Santorini


Dream on, because wishes do come true!

A man who doesn’t dream has no reason to live – I believe in that with all my heart. Cora Weddings was one of my dreams that came true. But I had to fight for it, just the way I had to fight for love, for family, for my child.

Being familiar with the taste of battle for happiness, I was determined to help others achieve it with ease and make them feel only joy in the main date of their life – the wedding day.

The priceless moments of every wedding – the smiles, the hugs, the happy tears, make me certify again and again that wedding planner is the best job in the world…

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Wedding at the Sea View Venue in Crete



Our Favorite Locations


The city of Chania is located in the westernmost part of Crete, an ideal place not only for a wedding but also a honeymoon. Chania region has an endless number of spots that would turn your wedding ceremony in the most magical moment of your life. The romantics of Chania’s Old Town will make you feel emotional and eternally loved, and its magnificent Venetian port will make you think of other couples that were in love centuries ago holding hands and gazing at the sea the way you do now.


The breathtaking views and famous architecture of Santorini make it one of the most romantic places on the planet. This island is one of the most popular wedding destinations for a reason. Spell the vows to each other over a cliff of the fascinating Kaldera and we promise that your first sunset as husband and wife will be the most astonishing sunset of your life.

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