How to properly invest money from a wedding package

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How to properly invest money from a wedding package and what does a planner do?
Cora Wedding`s mission is to always meet your needs, meet your dreams and help you with organize your wedding.

Organizing beautiful destination weddings for couples from all around the world has been our passion

Our approach to every event is personalized and tailor made; only after listening to your vision will we guide and transform your wedding into an intense and emotional experience.
We will spend our time understanding your vision in your consultation and start with creating a mood board as the basis of your design and styling. We will work on all aspects of your wedding design including bringing all of the elements to life.
Our objective is the realization of exceptional events with elegance, professionalism, disrection and top class service. We are privileged to work hand in hand with the top professionals in the wedding sector who share our passion, commitment and high standard of service.
Our desire is to make you fall madly in love with islands Santorini, Crete or Naxos creating a wedding which will leave you and your guests with a unique and indelible memory which goes well beyond the last song or the last toast?

Your wedding planner will help you save money and will give you advice about where you need to invest more/less.

The first criterion is to choose the most beautiful place for your wedding to be held. We know and work with the most beautiful places of Crete and Santorini. We will advise you which location is the most suitable for your requests.

The second very important investment should be for entertainment (entertainment artist, DJ, live music, lighting, pyrotechnics). You and your guests will always remember your wedding. We are the only wedding planner to provide the best and professional entertainers here in Crete and Santorini.
The third investment should be catering. Many people will not be satisfied with the beautiful view or songs of their younger days, but I believe they will not resist the quality of Greek cuisine. Another important thing is to save your wedding as a memory you would always want to go back to. A professional photographer and videographer can help with this. They’ll capture shots that you without you even noticing, they’ll take you back in time whenever you want.

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