Love is in the Details. Our tips to costumize your signature wedding

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A key to making your wedding in Crete or wedding in Santorini seem special, luxury is to make it feel custom. Different couples have different dreams, hobbies, and interests, and no two marriages are alike. Everyone sees us and feels the beauty completely differently.  The beautiful is not the trend but something that even after many years when you are transferred again with her photos or the video back you must like it again. So why shouldn’t weddings be as unique as the couples they celebrate? Together with you, we will find the style of wedding that represents you.

 Here are some of our tips to costumize your signature, beautiful wedding


Use your dreams, hobbies and interests for your themed wedding

For a themed wedding, you can be inspired by the place where you met, the film you love, the country where you would like to live together





Design A Wedding Logo

A wedding logo that you can use anywhere. It will add elegance and personality to your wedding




Customized menu cards and place cards

Make it easier for your guests to find a table or create a menu with a creative idea




Signature drinks by your tailored

At the entrance and welcome drink, your guests can see the style of your wedding






Dare to be a different and let’s make together your wedding like no other.

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