Boho elopement in Santorini

Magical, intimate wedding in Santorini



Do you dream of a magical, intimate wedding, just the two of you, without all the fuss and stress?
The wildest boho island in Greece is the island of Santorini. Get ready for Santorini like you’ve never seen it before. Forget the sunset and the caldera. And come with us to discover another view of the island. An island of ancient architecture and boho vibrations

Fairy lights are one of my favorite decors that I can meet in pairs, and I love decorating the night sky and bright lights with beautiful couples in their wedding attire.

Our bride decided to use a boho dress from @atelierzolotas to show how even if you want to choose a looser and more relaxed style today, you can still choose a stunning dress

She held him. he held her. All the noise inside and out ceased. There could be nothing else so special as this moment, no matter how long it lasted, it did not matter because nothing else matters, in this sanctum so pure