Daniel & Ashley

Destiny wedding in Santorini



If you combine these three words, you’ll make a story. A love story between Ashley and Daniel. There are so many times in life where we make our own plans but there are also the times destiny makes them for us. Like it did for Ashley and Daniel…

Ashley and Daniel had been friends since they were little kids. They played together, they grew together, they got hurt together, but they always listened to each ones and they always had each other’s back .

One day, Ashley and DanielĀ  followed their own path but they never forgot the best friend they had ever had. There was always a memory in their mind. After a long time, when Ashley grew into beautiful woman and Daniel into a handsome man, destiny decided to have them meet each other again. They locked their eyes and in that moment, their hearts said…

You are … You are the LOVE I had been waiting for, my DESTINY, my FUTURE