Ivo & Bronislava

Wedding in Santorini




10th October 2018….We had the greatest pleasure to be part of this wonderful and loving couple’s wedding, Bronislava and Ivo! Enjoy their beautiful love story, enjoy their destination wedding in Santorini…

The couple have both loved traveling and seeing new parts of the world. The history and beauty of the Mediterranean has always been on their destination “to-do” list. For its ability to gesture to history at every turn, its marvelous summers, delicious food, inviting culture, and unique architecture, Santorini was it! It is also one place that Bronislava, who has traveled Europe extensively, had never been to before. Since they had already planned to honeymoon in Greece, and they wanted a small, intimate wedding in Santorini, they ultimately decided to exchange vows on the island of Santorini to launch their life together in the most interesting and mesmerizing of places.