Surprise proposal in Crete



Congratulations to the beautiful couple, Giannis and Mariline, on their recent engagement in Crete!

I LOVE to organize surprising suggestions on the island of Crete or suprise proposal in Sanotrini. It’s such an exciting time with great anticipation that awaits a great moment.

For this surprising proposal, together with Giannis we planned all the details. A few weeks ago, he contacted me with preliminary plans and then sent me a place of shooting and I creative a concept.

Marilina thought they were planning a beautiful recording of a joint album. When she saw Giannis kneeling at her feet, she realized that Giannis had planned a beautiful surprise. We didn’t wait long and the word YES was said from Marilini’s lips. Beautiful hugs and tears of happiness can be seen in the pictures taken by a professional photographer.