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Wedding planners know a lot about weddings in Crete or about weddings in Santorini because, besides coordinating them, they attend more weddings in a year than most would in a lifetime. Moreover, they know of every single thing that happens at a wedding. Whether big or small, backstage or in front of everyone, they know.
And yet, every wedding in Crete is unique, every project is unique and everytime BPerfect Weddings embark on something new, we are excited as we were when we set out planning for the very first time! This was the case this time yet again. Looking back on the day, there were so many feelings to put into words.
Imagine yourself standing on a hill amid the monastery ruins, with a soft breeze blowing through your hair. The grass ripples within the grounds of the aged stone built Church and the mountains roll across the background. The rest of the world seems to melt away. This rustic setting is where we chose to feature our vintage baroque styled photoshoot. Inspired by this era, dark shades and rich colours like a royal blue color were added to create a romantic autumn mood. Inspiration was also taken from the majestic peacock and touches were added throughout, fitting perfectly with the grandiose façade and imposing flower arrangements. It was a glorious inspiration shoot, perfect for anyone with a love of vintage elegance, style, ornate accessories and voluptuous cascading blooms.

Don’t forget Your dreams can be fulfilled and your wedding on Crete can be just like our fairy tale wedding